Incircle is a private and secure digital platform that connects entrepreneurs, investors, members of their families and family offices worldwide to enhance their businesses and social lives.

It is a unique socialising tool that meets even the most extravagant HNWI requests by combining the best practices of a multi-family office, private members’ club, concierge service and events organisation.

Incircle facilitates offline and online networking via direct introductions, exclusive events and a proactive use of member and partner expertise.

Through successfully resolving the persistent HNWI challenges, Incircle helps form and efficiently grows the community of the like-minded elite worldwide.


Online community platform
Our members enjoy unlimited access to our private and secure digital platform. It is a safe place for members and partners to connect, share expertise and meet ongoing mutual requests. Such cooperation is facilitated via the Incircle App which dramatically improves the quality of networking.
Like-minded people
You will join a community of changemakers who create a positive impact on the world. All our members are on the forefront of the business world globally, with access to a diverse set of unique and varied resources and profound expertise.
You will enjoy the access to an online directory of services recommended by our members or provided by our partners in such fields as investments, legal, art, education, health, banking, real estate, etc.
Events participation
Our members have unparalleled access to bespoke worldwide events in both online and offline format. We encompass 3rd party events of various scope and host our own globally to cater to our members’ tastes and interests.
Every member is carefully vetted and the network effect grows exponentially. Our members flourish by sharing their knowledge and expertise, their mentoring acumen, and their unique guidance and professional recommendations.
We understand that our members’ time is a scarce and precious resource. That is why Incircle provides a focused and highly personalised approach which is bound to enhance your productivity and efficiency in the fast-paced reality of today’s world.
We pride ourselves on the tailor-made approach we take. Incircle identifies the most relevant and effective business and personal connections based on the members’ requests and interests, putting them in touch with the best specialists in the field.
Privacy is the hallmark of the company. All potential members and partners are carefully vetted prior to enlisting and all of them have complete control over their own level of privacy.


We create regular networking and educational events tailored to members’ diverse interests. In response to the demands of the current world situation, We are committed to continue going an extra mile for our valued members and transition to the online format.
  • Investment
  • Socialising
  • Technology
  • Art
  • Sport
  • Charity
  • Wealth
  • Gastronomy



Company: Incircle Group Limited
Office address: 16 Berkeley Street, London, United Kingdom, W1J 8DZ